1. General Points

    These Rental Terms and Conditions (RTC) apply to all rentals provided by Monta in Bike SA ("MiB").

    The RTC exhaustively regulate the services provided by MiB to its customers.

    In order to obtain the validity of different agreements, one must obtain prior written consent from MiB.

  2. Booking of the bikes

    The bikes are booked online, by means of the software BikeRentalManager ("BRM"), through the links available in the website www.monta-in-bike.ch. In order to use BRM one must be at least 18 years old, sign up using an e-mail address and give any other information requested by BRM. In order to complete the booking one must accept the present RTC and insert the credit card information. The payment is made through the payment provider Stripe. MiB sends, through a protected and encrypted connection, the Credit Card information to Stripe. MiB does not save clients' Credit Card information. MiB keeps the booking deposit shown next to the label "To pay now". Furthermore, the client authorizes MiB to withdraw, through Stripe, the final balance including any other additional cost (see below). MiB will deliver the bikes booked by the Client to the agreed location and at the agreed time in good condition. The booking is confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation email.

  3. Pick-up

    The client picks up the bikes at the agreed location and at the agreed time made in the booking, with an identity document. The client receives the bikes in good condition. Any complaints regarding the condition of the bikes must be submitted in writing at the pick up location. Upon pick up, MiB withdraws the balance of the rental price from the credit card of the client, using Stripe.

  4. Cancellation

    If MiB is not able to deliver the bikes according to the terms agreed in the booking confirmation, the rental will be cancelled and MiB will refund the booking deposit. No other charge is due from MiB.

    If the client asks for the rental cancellation at least 24 hours before the pick-up time, the rental is cancelled, but the booking deposit will not be refunded. If the client asks for the cancellation later than 24 hours from the pick-up time, or if he/she does not arrive at the pick-up location at the time specified in the confirmation email, the 25% of the full rental price is due to MiB and the difference between the full rental price and the booking deposit will be charged.

  5. Booking modification

    MiB cannot guarantee that a booking can be modified. However, if the client asks MiB to modify a booking at least 24 hours before the pick-up time, MiB will try to satisfy the customer's request, subject to the availability of the bikes and the staff.

  6. Return of the bikes

    The Client must return the bikes at the pick-up location, at the time specified in the confirmation email. The bikes must be returned clean and in good condition.

    In case of delay, the client must immediately inform MiB. MiB will charge the client the additional cost of the rental extension, included the lost earnings incurred as a consequence, that will be calculated by MiB.

  7. Minimum age

    In order to use our bikes one must be at least 16 years old. For ages lower than 18, one must be accompanied by an adult.

  8. Client liability

    The client is responsible for the bikes during the whole rental period. In particular, he/she is responsible for the theft and loss of the bikes. The client is also responsible for any damage to the bikes and their accessories, also caused by falls, forces of nature, manipulation, improper use. The client confirms that he/she is able to fulfill the reimbursement of the damages caused by the use of the bikes rented, also for negligence or improper use, and of any secondary damages as the loss of values of the bikes or the loss of earnings that Mib will incurr in. The client is also responsible for damages caused by third persons to whom he/she has given the bikes.

    The client confirms to use the bikes in a way compliant to the traffic regulations and to not carry objects or other persons on the bikes.

    Even in case of defects or breaks not due to the client, the client must return the bike at the pick-up location, at the time specified.

  9. Damage and Repair Insurance up to CHF 500.-

    Damage Insurance covers damage caused to the rented bicycle, up to a maximum of 500.- frs, including labor, as long as the repair is carried out by MiB. Deliberate damage, or damage caused to third parties and the subsequents costs of recovering the bicycle are excluded.

  10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    All business relationships between the Customer and MiB are governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Lugano, except in cases in which federal law mandatorily requires a different court.

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